Cuco de Frutos



Tiempo de Cámara Exhibition

Enter here to view a private collection currently on exhibition in Altea, Spain.  In this offering, Cuco presents 10 limited edition artworks from "Reflections" and "The Shape of Water" along with the release of two new works dedicated to his beloved city of Altea.

What Collectors Are Saying

“Cuco has the ability to capture the depth and emotion of landscapes within his artwork. His images have a way of transporting us into his
captured moments and experiences.”

D. Harris, private collector

"Through his images, Cuco transforms everyday landscapes into layered, multifaceted stories that change with the observer’s own perspective. Capturing moments in time and light and shape, he challenges the way we look at the world around us, revealing a depth and complexity that can only be seen from new angles."

L. Acree, private collector