My life has been linked to a continuous search for aesthetic beauty in all environments of life: landscapes, people and places. That search has led me to travel the world connecting with places and people to find myself in the unknown. That’s when I isolate myself, without contamination or external vices, I take off my mask and it’s just me, portraying my feelings, transmitting passions and telling my stories. With photography, I try to compose and tell my own reality and show a personal, aesthetic and orderly perspective. 

I grew up in southern Spain, and the character there is special, people are different. There is much talk, everything is shared and more is exaggerated. We like to meet and narrate, even by simple small talk. Everything there is about beauty, soul and passion. The sun, the sea, the landscapes, the people and their stories, surround us by a beauty that has to be told and transmitted.

That is my relationship with photography, I need it to express myself as I want. It allows me to share my stories and show a particular representation of beauty in the most ordinary objects that I find along the way. I intend to create photographic stories based on moments that are not replicable or personal experiences, which I find exceptionally rich in beauty when I reconstruct them through my lens. Images based on the simplicity of life with strong contrasts and reflected light that awakens something in the observer. I offer the possibility of modifying the point of view to discover ourselves.

Capturing the beauty of the everyday in irreplicable moments and changing the perspective to surprise the viewer is the way I express myself, am true to my origins and convey my personal point of view.

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